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BETA Therapeutics is excited to announce the addition of AllerDetect™ DBS Test System to its services.

The Dry Blood Spot (DBS) System uses whole blood to analyse a patient’s immune responsiveness for up to 88 dietary antigens, 44 environmental allergens, an exclusive mould group and a venom profile. This System tests for IgE levels (antibodies produced by the immune system) in a patient’s blood. Allergies are caused when these antibodies are released, promoting the production of chemicals such as histamine, which trigger an allergic reaction. This reaction is usually seen as symptoms in the nose, lungs, throat, or on the skin. Furthermore, AllerDetect™ is unique in its ability to identify allergens when a patient is negative for IgE antibodies but still displays allergy like inflammation or gastrointestinal symptoms. The AllerDetect™ testing system is highly specific and reduces the incidence of false positives.



Highlights of the AllerDetect™ DBS Test System:

  • One of the most comprehensive allergy tests currently available.
  • Eliminates the high incidence of false-positives.
  • Designed to complement a formal diagnosis.
  • Simple to use Dry Blood Spot (DBS) test is performed quickly, without the need to draw blood.
  • DBS testing eliminates constraints associated with other types of tests.
  • Selection of test profiles – DIETARY, ENVIRONMENTAL, MOULD AND VENOM.
  • Testing profiles are based on allergens found specifically in North America.
  • Complete Picture
    • IgE – true/specific allergy, plus
    • IgG4 – for exposure information and
    • C3D – (in dietary panels only) used to verify non IgE mediated allergic reactions.
  • Designed to monitor other classes of antibodies (IgG1, IgG2, IgG3 and IgM) that compete with IgE.
  • Detection of these exposure antibodies (eIg) used to establish hypersensitivity baselines to specific allergen(s).
  • Enables the healthcare practitioner to develop personalized immuno-therapeutic treatment and/or dietary plans.
  • Detailed report is produced for each patient.
  • Results in 4-6 weeks

Currently we are offering all Allergy Consultations through Telemedicine, to learn more about Telemedicine please review our Telemedicine page. For more information, please visit our AllerDetect FAQs page.

Allergy Consultation Rates

Appointment Type

Appointment Length


Initial Allergy Consultation & Testing 60 minutes $185
Follow Up Consultation 30 minutes $90
Initial Allergy Consultation & Testing (Paediatric)
45 minutes $135
Follow Up Consultation (Paediatric) 30 minutes $90



6-Month Introductory Allergy Test Rate

Regular Pricing $150  $850
Introductory Offer $99  $375

*Rates depend on the test panels discussed in your initial consultation.