Practitioner Bio | Erika Lampron, RMT

At BETA Therapeutics we are a dedicated team of health & wellness professionals. A team of practitioners, patients and people. We support one another - we rely on one another - we trust one another. In our clinic, we hold strong values of mutual respect and subscribe to a zero-tolerance policy of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or ableism.

Erika Lampron Registered Massage Therapist in Victoria BC

Erika Lampron, RMT 

Erika is a graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, in Victoria. She grew up in the Comox Valley, and considers the Island a playground for a variety of activities.

Erika has a passion for movement. She has come from a background of sport and physical work, and is proactive about prolonging her own body’s capacity, as well as empowering her client’s to do the same. Life’s demands can take a toll on our physical and mental states, and Erika considers it an honor to be invited to take part in her patient’s journey to self-care.

Erika strives to provide a safe, comfortable space to allow those on her table to truly unwind. She is rooted in mind to body connection, and in treatment, blends slow and deeply relaxing treatments with active and engaging techniques to bring her client’s attention to their bodies.

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