• Attachment to a Nurse Practitioner or Family Doctor in Victoria BC
  • Attentive and unhurried consultations with your care provider at our beautiful clinic in Royal Oak (Saanich)
  • A personalized account on our intuitive patient app (web or device), which allows appointment requests to be made without leaving the comfort of your home
  • All the typical services you would receive at a Doctor’s Office or Walk-in Clinic, plus many services that are not covered by MSP including, but not limited to:
    • General physicals/examinations for insurance, employment, licencing, etc.
    • General certificate/form completion
  • Appointments both in-clinic and via telehealth
  • Free on-site parking for patients


    BETA Therapeutics offers comprehensive primary care services to individuals and families across Vancouver Island, including Greater Victoria. Our providers offer a full range of general medical services, including the following:



    Considering a more comprehensive approach to addressing your healthcare needs? Our Integrated Care memberships allow for access to physiotherapy, massage therapy, clinical counselling and more.


    We will begin the onboarding process the week of October 31st. Patient's who have registered are asked to keep an eye on the email address they provided when they registered (including their junk/spam folders) as it will be used in reaching out to them for completing their registration. Patients are onboarded in the order that they signed up to the registration list. If a patient does not receive an email specifically on October 31st we remind them not to worry and that it is on its way.
    Please note the following:
    • Patients should only bring over their past medical records once their intake appointment with the Physician has been scheduled. *Please* do not send your records over prior to that.
    • Patients will receive specific instructions during the onboarding process as to how past medical records will be accepted.
    • Your provider should only need up to two (2) years of documented past medical history (if you have it available). There will be an opportunity to provide all relevant medical history that precedes the last two years on your intake form and during your initial intake with your Physician.
    No part of an appointment in clinic will be billed through a patient's MSP. In accordance with the Medicare Protection Act, our primary care providers are unenrolled in MSP.
    This will depend on the type of coverage a patient has through their insurance policy or spending account as well as the services allowed by their employer/insurance company. The Family Medicine membership fee is not covered by a patient's MSP provincial health plan. Payment of the Family Medicine membership fees are the responsibility of the patient, their legal guardian or representative.
    At the moment we do not offer family memberships or different membership rates for different age groups.
    A membership encompasses the full scope of family medicine from a licensed Family Doctor in British Columbia. Appointment times will be scheduled in a way that allows patients more time with their provider resulting in a more thorough and comprehensive healthcare experience. Additionally many services that fall outside of MSP are also included. For example, fees for comprehensive physical examinations, (for drivers licence renewals, employment applications, personal interest, etc.), telephone prescription renewals, and doctor's notes are included. Some restrictions apply to larger expense items (medical legal reports, attending a trial etc.)
    No, there is no visit fee on top of the monthly membership fee. The monthly membership fee covers all appointments with your provider.
    As soon as the intake process is complete, Our goal is to have patients seen within a reasonable amount of time (7-10 days). Different times of year will yield shorter or longer wait times (summer months vs. cold and flu season for example); however, patient access will be monitored to ensure that excessive wait times are not the norm. Please note we will be onboarding many patients during the intake process. We appreciate your patience and kindness as we introduce this valuable service to our team.
    No. Every effort will be made to ensure that patients are seen in a timely manner and as often as their healthcare needs require. Patients are able to request appointments according to:
    • a need or condition that requires attention or follow up
    • a care plan that both the patient and their provider agree to
    Refunds are not issued during the membership period (1 year) regardless of whether on an annual or monthly payment plan. A patient may choose to discontinue their membership at the end of the annual billing cycle. Family Medicine memberships will auto-renew on the date of the original billing cycle. Patients are asked to ensure notification of cancellation is received before their annual renewal date.
    Additional inquiries can be emailed to info@betatherapeutics.ca. Drop-in Q&A sessions will be held every TUESDAY at 5:00pm at the clinic until November 29th.