• Attachment to a Nurse Practitioner or Family Doctor in Victoria BC
  • Attentive and unhurried consultations with your care provider at our beautiful clinic in Royal Oak (Saanich)
  • Personalized account on our intuitive patient app (web or device) which allows appointment requests to be made without leaving the comfort of your home
  • All the typical services you would receive at a Doctor’s Office or Walk-in Clinic, plus many services that are not covered by MSP including, but not limited to:
    • General physicals/examinations for insurance, employment, licencing, etc.
    • Prescription renewals (in person or via telephone)
    • General certificate/form completion
  • Appointments both in-clinic and via telehealth
  • Free on-site parking for patients

    Why pay for a Family Doctor in Victoria BC?

    Accessing you and your family's, most basic healthcare needs is an option everyone should be able to have. Whether it's oversight of a complex medical condition, a safe and inclusive place to access healthcare or the peace of mind of having your family attached to a provider, BETA Therapeutics has you in mind.
    Our team is working hard to create an environment that provides patients with much needed access to Family Medicine in Victoria.

    Looking for Family Medicine + Mental Health Support?

    Considering a more comprehensive approach to addressing your healthcare needs? Our Health Care Basics membership allows for unlimited access to clinical counselling sessions at 50% off the treatment rate per session.


    No. Nothing related to your in clinic appointment will be billed through a patient's MSP. In accordance with the Medicare Protection Act, our primary care providers are unenrolled in MSP.
    No, the Family Medicine membership fee is not covered by a patient's third party insurance provider or through their MSP provincial health plan. Payment of the Family Medicine membership fees are the responsibility of the patient, their legal guardian or representative.
    No, refunds are not issued during the membership period (1 year). A patient may choose to discontinue their membership at the end of the annual billing cycle. Family Medicine memberships will auto-renew on the date of the original billing cycle. Patients are asked to ensure notification of cancellation is received before their renewal date.
    Patients receive access to the full scope of family medicine from a licensed medical provider in British Columbia. Appointment times will be scheduled in a way that allows patients more time with their provider resulting a more thorough and comprehensive healthcare experience. Many services that fall outside of MSP are also included. For example, fees for comprehensive physical examinations (for drivers licence renewals, employment applications, personal interest, etc.), prescription renewals, and doctor's notes are included. Some restrictions may apply.
    No. Every effort will be made to ensure that patients are seen in a timely manner and as often as their healthcare needs require. Patients are able to request appointments according to:
    • a need or condition that requires attention or follow up
    • a care plan that they and their provider agree to
    Any additional inquiries can be emailed to info@betatherapeutics.ca