• Access to Registered Clinical Counselling at almost 50% of the regular treatment rate at our newly established clinic located in Royal Oak
  • Simplified booking with any of our Clinical Counsellors through our online booking app

"By the time we reach 40 years of age, half of us will have had or will develop a mental health related problem. About 17% of British Columbians – around 800, 000 people – are experiencing a mental illness or substance use issue today."

- Canadian Mental Health Association


BETA Therapeutics conveniently offers direct billing for many services. Direct billing for Registered Clinical Counselling may be offered by your insurance provider. For more information on see our Direct Billing FAQ.

Health Care Basics FAQ

Yes, the discounted rate for Registered Clinical Counselling can be submitted to your third party insurer for reimbursement if eligible. Coverages for Clinical Counselling vary by insurance provider and policy and each patient is encouraged to contact their insurance provider to fully understand the specifics of their particular coverage details.
No, the Mental Health annual subscription fee is not covered by a patient's third party insurance provider. Payment of the Mental Health annual subscription fee is the responsibility of the patient or the patient's legal guardian.
No. Patients may cancel their subscription at any time; however, refunds are not issued once payment has been made for the year. It is requested that cancellation of a subscription be made at least one (1) month prior to the start of the next billing cycle. Mental Health Subscriptions will auto-renew on the date of the original billing cycle. Patients must ensure notification of cancellation is received before their renewal date.
Please email info@betatherapeutics.ca to add a family member or change your subscription plan.
If you are on a Health Care Basics family plan and one of your children turns 19 years of age there are a couple of options available:

  • If there is only one (1) adult registered on your family plan then your 19 year old is now considered one of the maximum two (2) adults allowed on each family plan. Changes to your annual fee will be reflected on the next billing cycle.
  • Should there already be two (2) adults registered on your family plan then your 19 year old child can be newly registered on an "Individual" subscription plan for the next billing cycle.
Any additional inquiries can be emailed to info@betatherapeutics.ca