Practitioner Bio | Jocelyn Kirton, RMT

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Jocelyn Kirton | Registered Massage Therapist in Victoria BC

Jocelyn Kirton, RMT

Jocelyn Kirton (she/her) has been an RMT since 2013. She has taken a special interest in serving persistent pain populations. Her educational and practical experiences have given her the unique opportunity to incorporate her knowledge base allowing for a modern approach to persistent pain management.

Jocelyn revolves her practice around person-centred care and is excited to work with you in putting a treatment plan together that addresses your concerns and works towards facilitating your goals. She has focuses in prenatal, postpartum care (including incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and diastasis recti), Chronic prostatitis (chronic pelvic pain syndrome) and other pelvic health concerns you may have, all from a non-invasive (non- internal) approach. Jocelyn is passionate about providing education and interventions from a collaborative approach that empowers people seeking care to self manage when away from the clinic.

In addition to her practice, Jocelyn impacts the massage therapy profession by educating RMTs on the positive effect the profession can have for people dealing with abdominal and pelvic pain that is evidence based and above all, safe.

Outside of the world of massage therapy, Jocelyn enjoys exploring the island with her dog as they are new residents in Victoria. She also enjoys powerlifting, cycling and eating good food.

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