Practitioner Bio | Nathan Miller, PT

At BETA Therapeutics we are a dedicated team of health & wellness professionals. A team of practitioners, patients and people. We support one another - we rely on one another - we trust one another. In our clinic, we hold strong values of mutual respect and subscribe to a zero-tolerance policy of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or ableism.

Nathan Miller Physiotherapist in Victoria BC

Nathan Miller, PT 

Born on the island, Nathan finished his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at the University of Lethbridge and his Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Outside of work, he likes to model what he shares with patients by staying active. Biking, hiking, exploring beaches or playing hockey and soccer are a few of the ways Nathan fills his time outside of work and helps him relate to his patients.

Nathan’s extensive history competing in sport, including playing university soccer, working with sports teams in track & field and hockey, and staying active has grown his passion for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance to guide his treatment style and meet the specific goals of his patients. His treatment approach is outcome-oriented and is primarily based on individualized exercise programming blended with pain science, education, and manual therapy.

Nathan is eager to draw on knowledge gained from his post-grad courses in IMS & spinal manipulation. He is passionate about assessing and treating running related injuries and prevention through assessing gait and building training programs. Nathan is currently pursuing further education in athletics/sports rehab.

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