Practitioner Bio | Quinn Siu, CAT(C)

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Athletic Therapy in Victoria BC BETA Therapeutics

Quinn Siu, CAT(C) & Practicing Kinesiologist

Quinn was born and raised in Campbell River, BC, where she grew up participating in a variety of sports including softball, volleyball, dance and swimming. This led to an interest in therapeutic exercise and injury rehabilitation, which prompted her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic & Exercise Therapy from Camosun College. She now holds both CATA Certified Athletic Therapist and BCAK Practicing Kinesiologist designations.

Quinn specializes in the prevention, assessment and treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, and has the ability to provide individualized care for ICBC clients. She has experience providing care to active individuals of all ages and abilities, including olympic-level and recreational athletes in sports such as rugby, hockey, football, basketball and gymnastics.

Her treatment approach is patient-oriented with an emphasis on identifying the root cause of the problem through detailed and ongoing assessment. She utilizes a blend of hands-on manual therapy techniques with exercise rehabilitation, and believes in creating personalized treatment plans that reflect each client’s short and long-term goals.

Quinn is passionate about helping every client achieve their therapeutic goals, whether that is a return to work, to sport, to prevent future injury, or to make activities of daily living pain-free.

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