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Registered Massage Therapy is…therapeutic. Put simply, it is the manual manipulation of soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance one's health and well-being. It is utilized to rehabilitate injury, alleviate muscle and joint pain, promote circulation and relaxation, in addition to many other benefits. At BETA Therapeutics, we work within the biopsychosocial model of care and our goal is to educate - treat - educate. It is only through education that the importance and scope of manual therapy can be effectively conveyed. Bringing an understanding of this valuable resource to the public has been the number one commitment of your team at BETA Therapeutics. 

Searching out a Registered Massage Therapist for your specific condition or discomfort can feel overwhelming. It usually requires a patient to read through therapist bios to get a sense of their preferred practices and book an appointment, all the while hoping for a good fit. Take comfort in knowing that all of our registered practitioners are schooled and skilled in the assessment and treatment of common conditions throughout the body. However, special interests, continuing education, and time dedicated to deepening one’s practice all contribute to the further development of a practitioner’s skill set. 

Visit our practitioners' bios (see below) to get a sense of what drives BETA's Registered Massage Therapists to excel in the field and what their preferred areas of practice are. 

Note that, in order to help new patients find the right fit, our therapists offer a free 15-minute consultation which can be booked by calling (250) 370-5525 or emailing

We provide competitive rates & offer direct billing for most healthcare providers.


Our Team of RMTs

Registered Massage Therapy Rates

Treatment Length


30 Minute Treatment $68.00 +GST
45 Minute Treatment $94.00 +GST
60 Minute Treatment $110.00 +GST
75 Minute Treatment $137.50 +GST
90 Minute Treatment $165.00 +GST



Direct Billing 

BETA Therapeutics conveniently offers direct billing for all RMT and ND services. For more information on see our Direct Billing FAQ.