Skinnies | Soft, seamless clothing

Skinnies offers 3 distinct lines of medical clothing specifically designed for serious skin care conditions and sensitive skin. We understand that if your skin is not happy, generally, neither are you. Skin conditions can cause real heartbreak. The itchiness and pain of eczema and psoriasis can be overwhelming. The self consciousness can impact a patients quality of life. The skin is the largest organ, and, if it is under stress due to an eczema flare, a psoriasis outbreak, a burn or diabetic wound and it requires tremendous care and attention. While lotions, medications, creams and salves do their work, why not get your clothes to help?

Skinnies Silk offers clinically proven relief from eczema and atopic dermatitis flares.

Skinnies Cotton Viscose offers seam-free, comfortable undergarments for sensitive skin that can be used for both wet and dry wrapping of a host of skin disorders.

Skinnies WEB is specifically designed for burns, wounds and post surgical care. This product is revolutionary for serious skin conditions that require bandaging. It gives patients back their freedom of movement and quality of life while in recovery.

Skinnies is a UK owned and operated manufacturer. This means excellent quality control and adaptability to new ideas and technology. We take pride in providing excellent care and attention to detail in our products.

Skinnies help for skin conditions:

  • Eczema Relief
  • Managing Psoriasis
  • Managing Wound Care 
  • Managing Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)
  • Managing Sensitive Skin
  • Cancer Treatment & Clothing
  • Diabetic Foot Care

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