Student Massage FAQ

What is Student Massage?

Student massage at BETA Therapeutics are treatments by a massage student who is in the later stages of their program or who is a graduate waiting to write the licensing exams. 

What qualifications does the Student have?

The students that BETA Therapeutics hires have successfully completed (or are well on their way to completing) the competency-based mastery level RMT program. The program is comprised of almost 3000 hours of instruction which includes 550 hours of clinical internship. The requirements of the program are laid out by the College of Massage Therapy of British Columbia and as such ensure that students are receiving the highest standard of education in anatomy, physiology, pathology and ethics. Students interview for the highly coveted spot every fall for the 12-month internship.

Can anyone sign up for a Student Massage?

Yes. Any person is able to sign up for a student massage treatment. BETA Therapeutics specifically began the program as a community-based initiative in order to make the benefits of therapeutic massage accessible to everyone. These treatments are  

Are Student Massages covered by extended health/third party insurance or MSP?

No. Student massage treatments are not covered by extended health/third party insurance or people’s MSP coverage. At a significantly reduced rate, these treatments are beneficial for people who do not have insurance coverage or for those who have exhausted their annual limit.

Why is student massage only offered during specific days and times?

The availability of the student varies based on a number of factors - the most important of which is the students’ class and study schedules. Throughout their internship, the student continuously prepping for their upcoming licensing exams. It is our commitment to our students’ education that supports flexibility in their scheduled treatment times.

Why does BETA  Therapeutics offer Student Massage?

In 2017 BETA Therapeutics established its ‘HEART IN THE COMMUNITY’ Initiative. A group of projects established with the purpose of fostering inclusion, accessibility and relationships in the Victoria community. Student massage was the first of these projects. We wanted to find a way to make this valuable form of healthcare accessible to anyone who feels it may offer benefit. 

What can I expect during a Student Massage Appointment? 

An appointment for massage with a BETA Therapeutics student is comprehensive. Your appointment will begin with an interview and health history portion followed by your massage. After treatment the student will do a short check in at the end of the appointment to see how you are feeling. These components are important as our students learn from this practical experience in preparation for their board exams all while learning the value of meeting their patients healthcare goals. 

Still have questions?

Not seeing the answer to your question? Please reach out to us here or give us a call at 250-370-5525.